Your Conveyancing Quote

It would be great to think that every conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor compiled your conveyancing quote in the same way, and in your best interests. But unfortunately there are some that choose to deceive you.

Getting the right conveyancing quotes is possibly the most important stage in the conveyancing process, so read on to see what you should expect to see and how to tell if a someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

This is our quick introduction. For more information click on the links for more in-depth guides to the basic rules of your conveyancing quote, conveyancing quotes when buying a house and when you are selling a house, and the extra costs to look out for on your conveyancing quote.

Conveyancing Guide – Your Conveyancing Quote

Your conveyancing quote should basically be made up of two parts: the Basic Fee and the Disbursements. Below is a brief overview, but you can find more details here.

Your Conveyancing Quote – The Basic Fee

This covers your conveyancing service’s time for carrying out your conveyancing. It will cover their overheads and include the profit they want to make on the job. The cost will vary depending on how your conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer charges:

  • By the hour (bad)
  • On a fixed-fee (potentially very good for you)
  • As a proportion of the cost of the property (more than likely)

Your Conveyancing Quote – Disbursements

These are the expenses your conveyancing service will encounter in carrying out your conveyancing. These won’t really change depending on the cost of the property because most expenses are fixed. Most expenses are predictable – most of the searches etc. that make up the conveyancing process are mandatory – so the firms putting your conveyancing quote together should be able to be pretty accurate. Be dubious about significant differences.

Comparing Your Conveyancing Quotes

Be careful about quotes that:

  • Don’t itemise disbursements: there’s no need to hide them, unless they’re trying to fool you
  • Hide extras in the small print: it’s tedious, but make sure you read the whole of your conveyancing quote

What Should Be in Your Conveyancing Quote?


Getting the right conveyancing quote is very important. But be careful, cheap services can sometime be great value but others can send you dotty


  • The Basic Fee
  • Land Registry Office Copies
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee

Find more details about this in our guide to the conveyancing fees for selling a house.


  • The Basic Fee
  • Land Registry Office Copies
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Local Authority Search
  • Drainage Search
  • Chancel Repair Liability
  • Environmental Search
  • Any Location-Specific Searches
  • Land Registration Fees
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax

Find more details about this in our guide to the conveyancing fees for buying a house.

Your Conveyancing Quote – Hidden Extras

When compiling your conveyancing quote, some conveyancing services might try and bundles some costs in they should not. Keep an eye out for:

  • Professional Indemnity Contributions
  • Postage, Photocopying, Phone Calls
  • Filling out Your Stamp Duty Return
  • Dealing with the Mortgage Lender
  • A Premium for Leasehold Property

You can find more information about the extra costs on your conveyancing quote here.


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